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Realize the customer's thoughts and mind through structural design. This is what CODESIGN STRUCTURES pursues.
In addition to calculating drawings, we pursue architecture that is better and more proud for our customers.
We do not think how to start but think how to realize it. This is our style.
We provide comfort to our clients by our pride and smile - This is the motto of CODESIGN STRUCTURES.

What kind of business does CODESIGN STRUCTURES do?

Regardless of the size or structure of the building, all types of architectural design are our main business. We support consulting such as seismic diagnosis, third-party supervision cost management, and training, etc. We also can subcontract architectural designs in collaboration with external offices. Please entrust our overseas business and overseas customer response.

CODESIGN STRUCTURES is a new company, isn’t it?

The founder has 32 years’ experience for structural design. From parking lots to large-scale airports, we promise appropriate and prompt service based on our rich domestic and foreign design experience. Please contact us regardless of project size.

What projects can you carry out?

We provide design and supervision of buildings, diagnosis, and advisory. Special structures such as seismic isolation and vibration isolation and large space structures are also available. Since we have many performances of designing various buildings such as schools, government buildings, gymnasiums, museums, and fire stations, we are actively responding to competition bids that reflect our performance scores.

How is quality?

We provide a better structure with customer and building oriented attitude. Structural design, structural safety, and realization of dreams are promised to realize the architecture that clients and architects pursue.

Is it possible to do both foreign clients’ and architects' works?

Yes, possible. Japan, an earthquake giant has unique building codes worldwide. Based on 12 years of overseas project experience, we are still involved in some overseas real estate projects. Our company is able to cope with domestic projects of overseas customers, such as explaining the differences between Japan and overseas to overseas clients/designers, including legal systems and construction methods, because of the brightness of overseas circumstances.

Aren't you anxious about being a small company?

Although we are a small organization, we are looking forward to the help of trusted external employees by leveraging the networks we have built up so far. In addition to structural design, we have established a system that can fully utilize our comprehensive capabilities, such as hiring engineers engaged in facility electrical design and construction design.

Have you established and maintained information security measures?

Reinforcing information security is one of our most focusing areas. In addition, as a company that has declared IPA security laws, we are striving to ensure the highest level of information security, such as using high-security cloud servers. Cloud servers are also useful for sharing information with our customers.

Can you provide a third party supervision?

Yes. The founder has been engaged in design supervision as well as design for a long time and has a rich experience in third party supervision including overseas supervision and as the chief supervisor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Treasurer's order construction work. Therefore, we are actively working on third-party supervision.

How do you respond to competition bids?

We are happy to cooperate with clients in participating in competition bids. Most of the records we have has been awarded with competition bids. The founder has a lot of experience in creating ideas and drafting manuscripts, and the winning rate in the bids so far is over 30%. We believe that we have a lot of records and can contribute in this regard as well.


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